Worth Magazine

Childhood Consultants

By Alina Tugend

Aug 21, 2015

The kids never learn to deal with their own problems. And that, life coaches say, is where they step in, working with the children and parents to create strategies that make life better for both.

“I’m the buffer,” says Natalie Rosin, a life coach based in Rye, New York. “So many times parents want what’s best for the child, but can’t step back to see what is best. I play the bad guy so the dynamics between parent and child can get better.”

Rosin calls her private practice WAVES, for Working Attitudes Values Esteem Self. She specializes in helping teens with substance abuse and depression, and like most of the life coaches interviewed for this column, says that the difference between therapy and coaching is that coaching focuses on the future, not the past. It’s not about analyzing what went wrong when you were 10, but developing coping skills for college and beyond.


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