I wanted to thank you so much for being such a great life coach and for helping our family as well as our son to get back on track and staying on top of things. You really have been a godsend to our family and we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your help.”

“Thank you for everything! I felt there is light at the end of the tunnels. It was great to speak to someone without feeling as I’m being judged.”


Subject: A Big Thank You

Natalie: I wanted to thank you again for today and all you have started to mobilize in such a short time.  Today was a good day for me, even with its challenges.  I did not allow my son to trigger my angry response, and I did everything you taught me to do.  I wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you are helping my son and me.  I can now really enjoy and relax during my upcoming trip, comforted by knowing you are there as back up and counselor.     Gratefully yours.


“Thank you for helping me understand my relationship with my sister and giving me the support to move on with my life without her.    I have good women in my life, like you, whom I like to spend time with.”

“Here’s the contact info I have for the girls [other potential clients]. I hope for their sake they take you up on your offer to help.”


To: [Psychologist]

Subject: Introduction

It was nice to speak with you yesterday.  With this email I’m introducing you to Natalie Rosin: http://www.natalierosin.com/.  Natalie is based in Rye and has done amazing work with one of my young adult patients who all of a sudden is functioning.  I am going to encourage my client’s mom to reach out to Natalie (again) as I think he would benefit from attending the dinner/discussion group that Natalie holds once a week.  I know you said that you had someone else who could benefit.

Natalie:  [Doctor] is a very talented psychologist who treats a lot of complicated patients, including children, adolescents and young adults.  I imagine that you will have reason to collaborate at some point.

Best, Client’s Doctor


“It was a difficult decision for us to bring a close to our son’s visits with you.  He has made tremendous progress and like you, we are so proud of him.  You have given us direction and guidance with our son’s addiction and taught us that tough love is the only strategy in dealing with this disease.  Although, we knew this, it was very difficult to follow through and make it happen.  With your guidance and unending support, no matter what time of day, was the difference between “Our Families success”.  We are forever grateful for you and what you have done for us and especially our son.  Please know from the bottom of our hearts, the appreciation and gratitude we feel.  I do hope your relationship with our son will continue in some shape and form because I know he will miss your presence.  Our motto ‘day by day!'”


“Thanks so much for your voicemail and I’m so grateful to you for making progress with my daughter in terms of helping her to realize the importance of accepting help for herself, as well as her kids.”


“Thank you so much for having us over tonight we really enjoyed it & I know you and my son have a special bond & have been a real blessing in all our lives.”


“I will not be planning more meetings at this point, though. Now that I’m “back in the game” (please excuse the cliché!) I have reconnected with some old friends and begun to use my network again. The confidence that comes from being useful, busy, and creative is driving me forward.  I have to say, with no exaggeration, that I could not have done it without your support. You pressed me into action on many fronts. I have to get my finances in order based on my new employment, and catch up on other things in life. Again, I am grateful for your counsel and positive support!  I wish I found you two years ago.”
“Happy Mother’s Day!!! Hope all is well with you. Your ears may have been ringing because I was just telling a friend last night about the work you did with Client and how much that has helped him. He is having a good year.”


“Thank you for your dedication to this young man. Your efforts and love have already gone a long way toward guiding our son through his challenging adolescence and fashioning him into a fine young man.”